Wednesday, June 6, 2018

HARD LUCK: Stories

Hard Luck is an evocative collection of seventeen stories that glimpses into the lives of the often broken and downtrodden people in small-town southern Indiana. Some residents escape while others are consumed by their drug-fueled, crime-ridden environments. 
A man's love triangle goes awry in CRANKED. Sex, drugs, and gambling seduce the characters in LOOKING FOR ACTION. In the title story, HARD LUCK, a hard-drinking sheriff enforces his own kind of law. A once, imprisoned biker returns to his hometown to witness a backwoods, bare-knuckle brawl in THE FIGHT. In the dark, hillbilly gothic tale YOUR BIRD, MY CAT, a young boy is fascinated by the chance to see the female anatomy up-close and personal for the first time. A man rides the rails looking to escape the perils of his hometown only to discover a town much stranger and more unlivable than his own in BOXCAR TO PARADISE. 
The stories in this collection spring in and out of the gritty country noir genre and often land in steamy piles of contemporary and dirty realism. Some stories contain mature content.